Our routes grow deep with food service knowledge. We are proud 3rd generation food service equipment specialists with over 30 years of experience. Our forefathers began in the early 1980’s with GZG Coolers, which was a food service equipment manufacturer.

Products such as tables, cabinets, and shelves were amongst the first to be manufactured. The food service industry evolution in New York City was the foundation of GZG Coolers growth, and as they grew so did their product line.

GZG Coolers quickly adapted to customer needs, and by 1985 was successfully manufacturing and distributing hundreds of products such as: refrigerators, steam tables, and custom fabrication. GZG Coolers, later acquired World Refrigeration and now does business as Universal Coolers Inc.

Elite Restaurant Equipment History


In the late 1990's E-Commerce began to revolutionize the way we shop online. At the forefront was eBay. A short distance from the millennium Marcel Bluvstein, grandson of GZG Coolers founder Gregory Bluvstein listed Universal Coolers products on eBay.

Elite Restaurant Equipment Inc. was born and debuted on eBay amongst the first Restaurant Equipment suppliers online. Quickly orders were coming in, and long lasting business relationships were being made. With sales continuing to grow Elite Restaurant Equipment Inc. plans the launch of their first website.


Current Day

EliteRestaurantEquipment.com is amongst the leaders for restaurant equipment and supplies on the web. We have succeeded in creating and marketing an original and easy to use website to meet purchasing needs of food service professionals throughout the United States and Canada. Developers, programmers, sales agents, customer service representatives, purchasers, and warehouse manager's work together to ensure we provide the best industry service and knowledge for our customers.

Elite Restaurant Equipment is a company that believes in creating a better experience. We want you to contact us for any industry knowledge, whether you are purchasing or not. Think of us as your restaurant equipment encyclopedia, we are here for you.

Elite Restaurant Equipment Current Day

Equipment Leasing / Financing

We are the first and only restaurant equipment corporation that does inhouse equipment financing / leasing. Our model is simple: Everyone is qualified, we will make it work one way or another. Our inhouse underwriters give us flexibility with restaurant equipment leasing approvals. Down payments will vary depending on multiple attributes analyzed by the underwriting team.

Shipping Times

Shipping Times

EliteRestaurantEquipment.com is amongst the leaders for restaurant equipment and supplies on the web. We have succeeded in creating and marketing an original and easy to use website to meet purchasing needs of food service professionals throughout the United States and Canada.

Large Inventory

Large Inventory

Our site currently hosts over 50,000 products for you to choose from, and we are adding new products every day. We are the solution for restaurant equipment and supplies. If we don't have it on our site give us a call, we guarantee no product or part is out of our reach.

Best Content

Best Content

Every description for every product on EliteRestaurantequipment.com is written by us. With us there will never be any surprises, what you see is what you get. We are constantly adding details and pictures to every product on our site. We learn from you, if there is a piece of information that you cannot find contact us and a specialist will be sure to help you. We know you are busy, so we make it easy for you by answering any questions.

Customer Service

Customer Service

We are here for you. EliteRestaurantEquipment.com provides smart, educated food service specialists available by phone, email, or live chat. Many suppliers do not offer live phone support, although a value here at EliteRestaurantEquipment.com is "treat customers how we would want to be treated as customers" and we believe having a food service representative available by phone is the least we can do to show our thanks for your business.

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Marcel Bluvstein
(CEO, co-founder)

Marcel is a 3rd generation food service equipment distributor. He graduated Touro College with a BS in Business Finance & Marketing. Marcel continued his education in Harvard, studying Strategic Management for Growth Companies under Professor David Power.

After his studies, Marcel took an internship at Rodman & Renshaw a full service investment bank; there he got a taste of large business structure, development, and management. Marcel has always had a passion for World Wide Web commerce solutions that enable people to save time from retail, combined with more selection capabilites than retail stores can offer. EliteRestaurantEquipment.com is a natural fit.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement:

We want to exceed your expectations by doing everything to make our customers happy. We believe transparency and communication is important. We stay connected and are always available. Building relationships and trust takes precedence. We work with high morale, and values with deep roots. Doing the right thing and being better tomorrow than we are today is the goal.



Our commitment is unparalleled in the industry; your relationship is everything to us. We want to earn your trust so we take a proactive approach. We don't wait for later, we do it now. Integrity is a core value, we’re honest and have strong moral principles. Our approach is simple and undivided, every matter is handled equally.

Were in it together; we see our shoppers as partners and a community. We're transparent; we think and communicate openly and take accountability.

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