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Making Coin with Coffee

Making Coin with Coffee

If you are a restaurateur, you are constantly looking for new ways to bring in revenue. Coffee is a given for any food service business. Coffee will give your business returning customers. Serving different variations of coffee is a great idea.


Your Guide to Throwing an Elite Outdoor Party

Your Guide to Throwing an Elite Outdoor Party

Recently I decided to throw an amazing 4th of July party in my backyard. I have thrown several outdoor parties before, although this would by largest yet and I learned a lot. Learn the mistakes I made and how to avoid them. Learn about some of the deals I got from purchasing products from restaurant equipment distribution companies.


Buying Guides

Buying Guides

Need Help Finding the Right Piece of Equipment? Let's face it--restaurant equipment is expensive. And before you go dishing out thousands, upon thousands of dollars, you should be able to make an informed decision on what you are buying. After all, great restaurant equipment is an investment that should last you several years (hopefully).


French Fry Facts

French Fry Facts

French fries are batons of deep-fried potato. North Americans refer to any elongated pieces of fried potatoes as fires, while in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand, long, thinly cut slices of fried potatoes are sometimes called fries to distinguish them from the more thickly cut strips called chips (while potato chips are called crisps).


Measuring Supplies

Measuring Supplies

Measuring Supplies keeps your business consistent. See how your ingredients measure up, we offer a wide variety of measuring supplies such as, measuring cups, scales, measuring spoons, and many more.


Increasing Revenue

Increasing Revenue

Soft Drinks and Smoothies can be one way for traditional restaurant owners to increase revenue when having a kitchen, residual clientele, and great product. Adding new categories to your operational strategy can be a low cost, yet beneficial change.


The 10 Must Haves

The 10 Must Haves

Every food service establishment has products that are a must for their organization. These items vary from large appliances to small kitchenware accessories. This article points out 10 items that make your restaurant what it is, while underlining products that allow your business to run.


Caring for Refrigeration

Caring for Refrigeration

Learn the key facts before making your purchase. Be sure to do your due diligence. Restaurant refrigeration is designed to cool food quickly to eliminate the possibility of bacteria growth. Taking proper care of your commercial equipment will ensure longevity.


Take Care of Your Cutlery

Take Care of Your Cutlery

Learn how to take care of your professional cutlery. Efficient and effective knives are an absolute necessity for all chefs. Dull knives do nto present or prepare dishes properly. Dull knives are more dangerous for you and your employees. Safety is every restaurateur's priority.


Opening a Pizzeria

Opening a Pizzeria

Though you don't need any certification to start a pizza business, it's a good idea to attend a culinary trade school where you'll learn to cook more than pizza. Offering additional dishes on the menu could attract more customers for your own pizza business. Spend some time learning the ropes at another pizza business.


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Through the years Elite Restaurant Equipment has been involved in some pretty cool projects. We've been lucky enough to sell restaurant equipment to large franchise restaurants such as: McDonalds, Pinkberry, Subway, and many more. We've also had the opportunity to be involved in first time franchise restaurants that have grown over time to multiple locations, in multiple cities.

The education center provides knowledge we've learned throughout the years from experience we've had with tens of thousands of customers spread out in 50 states in the USA and 10 provinces in Canada. This isn't your ordinary restaurant equipment blog; we include articles with factual information that can help you achieve your objective, because at Elite Restaurant Equipment we reach our goals when you achieve yours.