Best Selling Restaurant Equipment

Since 1998 we’ve stocked the restaurants of America with everyday essentials to big ticket items.

We’re proud to power the food service industry with top-of-the-line technology and classic cooking equipment alike which puts us in a unique position to see what the best selling restaurant equipment is at any time. If you want to know what’s trending in America’s commercial kitchens, we’re pulling back the curtain and sharing some data from the back of the house.

Here is the best selling restaurant equipment you’re ordering from Elite Restaurant Equipment.

Countertop Display Merchandiser Refrigerator - 2.5 cu. ft. - 4 View - Black

The swing-door countertop display refrigerator merchandiser from Universal is a key piece of equipment for showcasing beverages, snacks and more in convenience stores, supermarkets and restaurants. Its placement can facilitate last-minute purchases at checkout and its modern, compact design make this merchandiser great for convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants and more.


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Refrigerated Deli Case

Universal URCD79 79” Refrigerated Deli Case Counter Height

With easy-to-use digital temperature control and a gravity coil refrigeration system ideal for keeping meats and cheeses at temperature, the Universal URCD79 79” refrigerated deli case is a favorite for displaying your best-selling cold products. Grocery stores, cafeterias, supermarkets, and restaurant store cold cuts, cheese, salad, sandwiches, and meat in this sleek display case.


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Reach In Refrigerator

Leader LS48 - Two Door 48" Sliding Glass Door Reach In Refrigerator

Two sliding glass doors makes this a favorite unit for displaying food and drinks in a self-contained, sleek design. The Leader LS48 - Two Door 48" Sliding Glass Door Reach In Refrigerator has three adjustable shelves per door and interior lighting for ideal display conditions. A made-in-America classic choice for full-size, on-display reach-in refrigeration.


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Reach in Freezer

Universal USDF54 54" Two Section Solid Door Reach in Freezer - 47 Cu. Ft.

That this is the best selling reach-in freezer of 2018 comes as no surprise. The design is modern with flush fittings and rounded corners. The built-in casters aid in cleaning under the unit. The bottom-mounted compressor makes for easier maintenance, and the freezer comes with a 5-year warranty on the compressor. A whopping 47 cu. ft. of interior capacity makes the USDF54 54” two-section solid door reach-in freezer from Universal a work-horse in any commercial kitchen.


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Reach In Refrigerator

Universal 21” Glass Door Merchandiser Reach In Refrigerator

With a compact footprint and simple swing door, the Universal 21” Glass Door Merchandiser Reach In Refrigerator is available in white (GDC10) and the ever-popular black (BDC10). You’ll love its 4 durable steel shelves that can be arranged to showcase a selection of beverages in any convenience store, cafeteria, gas station, supermarket and restaurant. It’s energy efficient, comes with a 5-year warranty on the compressor, and has interior LED lighting for reliability and a shining display capability.


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If you’re looking for donut fryers and accessories, your search stops at Elite Restaurant Equipment. We carry everything you need:

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Belshaw Adamatic 718LCG - Gas Open Kettle Fryer

The Belshaw Adamatic 718LCG - Gas Open Kettle Fryer is the top of the line in efficient, high-quality donut production. Belshaw’s specialization in donut technology shines in this unit with a cold zone under the fryer tubes that creates longer shortening life and higher quality donuts. This fryer also boasts industry-leading efficiency and savings over the life of the fryer.

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Belshaw Adamatic - Type B Cake Donut Depositor w/ Hopper

Belshaw takes the cake as far as smooth, precise and easy-to-operate donut depositors. The Belshaw Adamatic Type B dropper with hand crank is an industry standard for cake donuts, ensuring identical shape and size with every drop.

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Belshaw Adamatic 8504022 - Type K Donut Depositor with 1-9/16" Plain Plunger

For a handheld depositor ideal for small fryers and small batch sizes, the handheld Belshaw Adamatic Type K depositor turns out about 5 dozen medium-sized donuts. The unit comes with a plain plunger for standard ring donuts and accept 3 optional attachments to create non-standard sizes and shapes.

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Stainless steel sinks are one of the most durable, and long lasting commercial purchases you can make, so no surprise that sinks are among our best selling items.

If you are looking for a sink with lasting power and the ability to handle heavy duty tasks it is best to shop for 16- or 18-gauge sinks.

Sink depth also has to be taken into consideration. Sinks with lower depths increase splash potential and obviously hold less water making them the less efficient option.

Sinks with deeper depths are better for more high traffic environments, but may increase strain on the back. A basin rack can help resolve these sorts of problems.

Square or round corners also make a difference. Volume increases with square corners, and a flat interior. Rounded corners, or soft angles allow for better drainage and easy cleaning.



Stainless Steel Work Tables

Our best-selling tables are usually dual-purpose and made to last. With stainless steel coming out on top again, these tables serve multi-purposes no matter your business.

In restaurants, stainless steel tables make durable and reliable prepping stations. Prep stations are high traffic areas and tend to experience significant wear and tear, making stainless steel the best option.

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Longevity is guaranteed when using work tables in your restaurant or commercial space. With the addition of an undershelf not only are these tables made to last, but they are also equipped with additional storage for kitchen tools, increasing the function and convenience of this kitchen necessity.

With guaranteed longevity, these stainless-steel warming and work tables are sleek and reliable.



Shelving, Display and Storage

Convenience and functionality are king in commercial spaces.

Installing stainless steel wall shelves guarantees the most efficient use of your space. Not only does wall shelving guarantee convenience, it comes in a variety of different sizes to help meet your more specific needs.

Durability, simplicity, and easy installation will make stainless steel shelving your go-to. These shelving options are rust proof and corrosion resistant. Wall shelves are great for:



Stainless steel cabinets also come out on top. Stainless steel cabinets have all of the same benefits as other stainless steel equipment and can store just about anything. These cabinets are a sturdy, easy to clean and built to last.


Stainless Steel Dish Cabinets & Wall Shelves



Buyers Guide to Stainless Steel

Many of our best selling items are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel has long lasting benefits making it one of the best materials for commercial settings. There are many benefits of purchasing stainless steel equipment.

Easy to clean. Stainless steel is a non-porous material making it odor and stain resistant and can be easily wiped down and sanitized.

Kitchen safe. Stainless steel is not only odor and stain resistant, it is also germ resistant.

Durable. Not only is stainless steel durable, it is also timeless. Fading, discoloration and rust are not huge concerns and cosmetic upgrades will not a concern for years to come. It it is ivmportant to purchase 16- or 18-gauge steel for heavy-duty tasks. 22-gauge steel is less equipped to handle most heavy-duty tasks.

The durability of stainless steel ensures long-lasting equipment that can withstand the test of time. Stainless steel storage can accommodate your heavy duty storage needs, and handle the traffic of a busy kitchen.

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